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But I think it would halarious. But, a couple should pay attention to each other and not care if the lighting isnt right, or if grandpa falls asleep in the middle of the ceremony and snores to where is echos above the preacher.

Everyone knows that if your in church then its most likly not to entertaining. I was trying to opt out for the cruise my dad promised me when I was He always said that if I skipped the whole wedding thing en ran away with my soon to by hubby then he would pay and the capitan would marry us I dont mind it so much since it is important to my fiance But, this topic of rediculous weddings and the couples losing site of why there even getting married is the argument I am writing for my class.

I am glad I am not the only one that was thinking that spending to much money and time Idont have to plan a wedding that will last a couple hours is stupid.

I love my fiance so much and we have been through a lot of crap together and I do not want to forget all of that just because the shade of green we picked out isnt just perfect.

Thank you for a rambeling place: My bf of 4 years and I just got engaged. We want something quirky, fun and simple, but it's like asking for x-ray vision and being able to fly!

We are just in the chatting phase of planning, and already I wish I could segregate friends and family. That way, we'd have one laid back fun wedding, and one uptight stressful one.

I hate weddings - all 13 that I have been in. The good news is I'm the last single one standing. The downside is, they are all consumed in their marriages and their children, even picking up a phone is an incredible feat.

Oh, they only get more selfish. If you think you hate the unbelievable selfishness of everything that goes along with weddings Wait until all your friends start having babies.

If I have to watch one more pre-picked gift it's on the registry for God-sake getting unwrapped and trying to pretend like I find a breast pump interesting, I'm going to kill someone.

And if I have to fake that watching a sleeping baby is the highlight of my day one more time, you'll be seeing me on the 6 o'clock news.

What gets even better is when they get old enough to know about 12 words and you call your friend only so she can leave you stuck on the phone with a toddler because that's who I wanted to talk to.

Not only do I hate weddings, I hate brides, bridesmaid dresses, spending a fortune on gifts, getting the absolute shit end of the stick because I'm "single".

Apparently, I also hate pregnant women who expect me to seriously stop what I'm doing and be fascinated by their birthing canals. I hate baby showers with a vengence and having children thrust upon me.

I guess when you've had enough of everyone's "special days", you really have had too many of them. I hate married people. I hate married people with kids even more.

I just think it turns really great single friends into self-absorbed, narcissistic people that I don't even like. Friends I loved, travelled all over with, had so many great experiences with, are now people that I can go eat dirt.

I hate weddings with a vengance but they are nothing in comparison to when all the wives start having kids.

You'll learn to hate baby showers even more. So youll have to excuse all the rest of us for not giving a rats ass. I had to through in something about single parents and the cost of attending these family functions that offer nothing for young people.

It will cost be several thousand bucks to get myself and my year-old to Duluth from Nova Scotia, Canada for a nephew's wedding and although I would love to visit the place I don't want to be stuck at a hotel with a year-old watching everybody get drunk while my kid fidgets in the corner wishing she was home.

I wish people planning these events would consider their travelling guests! I agree with the person who suggested sending a note and a cheque.

That's what I'm going to do and I'm so glad you created this site!!! I'm going to be a bridesmaid a second time here, and the ONLY reason I said yes was from my deep and abiding love for my friend who is getting married.

She has not turned into a freakshow yet thankgod, but the best man? You'd think HE was the bride! Myself and several other members of the bridal party voiced our concern over this deeply flawed example of bad planning to him and were all but totally ignored.

Finally we approached the couple themselves to let them know that is just wasn't do-able for most of us 2 of the 8 people in the wedding party are unemployed, 2 others are college students, etc We got it changed the bride and groom couldn't have cared less , but now I've been getting hateful, nasty emails from the best man stating that I've 'ruined' the bachelor party.

It's supposed to be fun, outrageous and relatively cheap. It's not part of the pomp and circumstance. Goooood God, I hate weddings.

This is my last one as a bridesmaid. Everyone else will have to settle for a lovely check and some well wishes. Thank god I'm not the only one who hates weddings!

If one more person primarily female co-workers or relatives who I'm not close to ask how the wedding planning is going while gushing I might just go on a shooting rampage.

For moral 5, can I hate my wedding too? Groom wanted a wedding, I wanted to elope or just keep on living together Why should I spend my hard earned cash on crap for what basically amounts to an over-hyped party when there are starving children in the world for example?

The site is saving my sanity little by little. I am not alone, I am not alone, wedding suck, I am not alone I officially love this site.

I no longer feel guilty that I don't want a wedding like the rest of my friends and relatives do. I realize that wanting a small simple wedding and not caring about details and wanting to save money is part of my personality.

I have no need to be princess for a day. The man I love already treats me like a queen. Thanks for this site! I can't even count the amount of money I have spent for my friends wedding.

Its to the point were I am really questioning "should I even get him a gift. Honestly isn't that enough of a gift.

If you argue that I should at least get him a gift to cover the cost of my plater when then I just wont eat. I'll stop at Wendy's on the way to the reception.

I am so glad that my future wife is so much more reasonable on wedding plans. I will be proud that I am getting married to the love of my life, not that I got a crap ton of gifts, and everyone I know has there undivided attention on me for a whole day.

The best man is a drama queen! God is love and alive. It seems that minorities have a greater ability to laugh at ourselves than bridezillas do!

I'm tired of going to weddings for the same relatives over and over. I'll attend a nice celebration for the first one is fine if that's what makes you happy.

But for the second, third, fourth, etc. This website is a Godsend to me. The first one wasnt so bad but of course the 2nd one has to out do the first one.

I have come to realize only insecure, self absorbed people cannot wait to have a wedding. The relish in the attention they get and they get off on everyone telling them how beautiful they are.

Thank you for having this website!!! I know you may seem rude and harsh sometimes but to be honest it is nothing compared to: I am glad I am not the only one!

I sure wish that the traditional wedding would be a thing of the past. I think it is very degrading for a woman to wear a white dress with a veil and have her father give her away.

If I get married, I am going to ask my fiance if he wants to wear white I am going to wear black and have his mother walk him down the aisle, while I stand there and wait for him.

I wish that people would realize that Princesses are kept in line I really doubt that someone would want to be a princess in real life.

I'm so happy to have found this site. Mostly I am bothered by how selfish people become the minute they get engaged. Yes, I'm happy for you, yes, it's wonderful, but that's it.

I hate that every time I talk to my best friend the conversation revolves around wedding stuff, and worse, that the person I consider my best-friend doesn't realize that she's forcing me to be fake.

But, if I don't express how "wonderful" everything is, I fee mean. Weddings are something that seriously piss me off to no end. I've been engaged for 10 months, am getting married in 4 months, and have managed to do absolutely no planning whatsoever.

I am planning to keep it this way. However, my fiance wants to have the big ridiculous wedding and all the B.

Which might be fine if he would plan it It is also annoying to have constant questions about it- especially "So, when is the Big Day?

I've spent five years getting a dual major for a purpose, not just to get an MRS. I hate weddings, too! I'm getting married in July.

All the recent preparations for the upcoming wedding made me realize the huge differences in life perspectives between my fiance and me and how little she really cares about my needs.

At this point, I just want to disappear off the face of this planet. People can really suck sometimes -- weddings bring out the worst in people.

I'm not a very religious person, so the ceremony is just a formality. Another victim of herd mentality Well, i do love the idea of getting married but i can't stand all that fancy crap of organizing a wedding!

In my case, it's a little worse: It really drives me crazy when i think of all those people i don't know, whom expect me to be dressed up in white because i am a virgin this is not a joke!

So, my offer for getting married is: I was shocked when my future husband mentioned me about some of his relatives he actually never met but only knows they exist, so this would entitle them to be guests at our wedding in his culture!

I hope this way i will be able to say: Anti Wedding Hater wrote: I hate weddings and don't plan on making anyone suffer another one.

Just being happy with the person you love should be enough. Why does one couple need that much people to congratulate them on being in love.

That is just something only you and him should celebrate and not force others to care about that nonsense. I am not speaking as a single person that only dreams of marriage, I'm in a long term six year relationship and have been happy.

Not one second I thought that I needed a wedding. We basically are just as solid as a marriage because we own a home and have joint accounts and the whole works.

And it makes me happy to be happy in love and that is enough. I wish others found happieness without needing a big ceremony to focus on them and give a nonsense crap about theiur love.

Yet I am getting married in July. It all started with "we will keep it small and simple She knew from the beginning that I hated weddings BUT every time that I express my unhappiness with it she starts crying.

The cost of it all is also incredible and I wonder to what point is worth it? That money could be better spent in soo many other things!

Paying for property, education, travel or even as savings! Instead we will end up in debt for an event, that was mostly her decision and where I have had little input in.

I love this site! I would like the add 'I also hate hen weekends' to the list of things that suck about weddings! What ever happened to a hen night, and why do people think that spending a fortune to go away with a bunch of people so you can 'get to know each other' before the wedding is a good idea?

Why do I need to get to know somebody when I'll only see them for one day anyway? And why do we have dress-codes and all this nonsense.

As my sister-in-law to be plans her wedding, I am coming closer and closer to eloping. It saddens me that the magic of my own wedding has been taken away by other people's!

Still, at least I know what I don't want now! I really would like to get married to a girl with a great spirit who does not give a shit about weddings.

And to that girl, I'll commit my love, my life, my everything. I'll consider her my equal and will always be her true friend, rather than be her prince charming and treat her like some silly princess.

So, anyone out there?? I'm planning mine at the moment and have spent a grand total of three days of planning, and it's basically done. I think weddings are a huge money pit for everyone involved, even if they're not part of the party.

I spent four years in university working way harder there than at getting my boyfriend, and yet no one celebrates that very much!

Being desperately feminist also, a traditional wedding seems so hypocritical. PS- I love the bulls-eye on the bride up top! I personally loathe when I receive invites, and even thought I'd get through my 20s and 30s with a tiny amount of weddings I had to go to.

Many times now I"ll decline polite and send a gift, or show up with a gift and leave 2 hours later. If one wants to call me a party pooper, too bad.

My time is valuable to me and 9 out of 10 times the wedding reception is a total waste of time. I can't even believe people spend insane amounts of money and then expect the gifts to somehow pay off the debts raised by the reception.

Is it any wonder why so many are in debt, have no savings, and live check to check when they crank out a few kids?

So one might think "What about you? I will spend the cash on a white dress and a church for my bride, and a nice honeymoon.

I will not spend loads of cash on a grand reception that no one will really want to come to, nor will I fill some registry with expensive crap that I don't need.

Better to rent out a room at a nice restaurant, cater in appetizers and drinks, and kill off the party after a few hours.

Wedding after wedding, I can't fathom why people put so much importance on a grand reception when in the long run they put little effort on the marriage itself.

Celebrate the matrimony, but also celebrate the new life together This site is so in line with my thinking, I almost feel like I have wrote the dam articles!

I have been splitting my side Tom! I hate weddings too! Even though it is written for comedy and shock value, it has given me a great outlet for the frustration and, at times, rage I feel toward weddings.

If I have to listen to plans for "the big day," or hear the idiotic line about it being "all about the bride" one more time, I may slit my own wrists.

I despise weddings, from start to finish. I hate that, once a friend of mine became engaged, all she could do was talk about the music, the reception hall, the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, the color of the napkins, and even the tuxedos SHE picked out for the groomsmen.

When I asked her why she picked out the tuxedos instead of the groom, her only response was to laugh and point out, in her wisdom, that "the wedding is about the bride I have yet to meet a single bride who wasn't a self-centered bitch for the months leading up to her "big day," and a totally narcissistic demon on the day of.

NO ONE cares about your wedding. Sure, we plaster on fake smiles, show up to your horrendously selfish ceremony, and buy you "gifts" that are anything but since, after all, the point of a gift is to choose something YOU think the recipient would like, as a surprise or token of appreciation; not to demand things from friends through extortion..

We do because we hope, perhaps in vein, that this display of friendship will be returned to us one day when we have something we need you for.

Brides always seem to forget their friends the second the ceremony is over. This site is great. I'm so glad that I'm not alone in hating fake, show-stopper weddings that are nothing more than exercises in narcissism.

At one, I heard the wedding planner say to the white-clad bride, "This is your day. It's all about you. The planner then treated the rest of the wedding party like fashion accessories and the guests like peasants.

When you invite guests to any event, it's good manners to treat them well and ensure that they have a good time. They aren't just there to drop off wedding gifts and fill the photo album.

BTW, that couple divorced in less than a year. I just got engaged and I would rather throw myself out of a window than plan this wedding. It's like Valentine's Day on crack--mandated by an industry that inflates prices because of the word "wedding.

I can't wait to be married to my fiance, I just wish we could skip ahead. I'm gay and I hate attending wedding ceremonies.

It's not that I hate people for getting married it's just that I am an event videographer and I have taped over a weddings.

It's the same thing every time despite what little variations the couple try to come up with. The entire thing means absolutely nothing to me now.

Luckily, my girlfriend of 7 years feels the same way. We are constantly asked "Aren't you guys going to have a wedding? My wedding was on my cousin's back patio on Thanksgiving day with lots of homemade "real food", even a whole barbequed pig.

None of that finger food stuff for us. Plenty of champane and alcohol for all who wanted it. People pitched in and went above and beyond the call of duty.

I have been to so many church weddings where the music was BAD, friends doing the singing. Bridesmaids in little black dresses that looked like they belonged in a trashy night club.

There was no shower per se. But I did not care. These wonderful people I had known all my life showed up and some actually contributed wonderful desserts and homespun food.

I recieved a can opener and a gift basket with home products as gifts. Not many girls' dream of the perfect wedding.

But, there was no stuffiness and everyone was given a great Thanksgiving meal. Nobody got left out of the reception. It's easy to see all the beautiful formal wedding dresses and think, "Man, I sure would love to wear one of those for an hour or so".

But when I consider everything that comes with it, I am happy for the wedding I had. I hate those bridzella shows, those show about buying briday gowns, people gettingemotionalet al.

I hate that Bridzella stuff where they arre cursing out people, etc, do they get paid for that? Most of these people are underemployed and undereducated with kids and want this fairytale thing.

Why spend 1k for a wedding when you should be paying the rent, and you have been toghther 10 years already. Some women even marry any man just for a wedding.

If you want a catered afair have one on a milestone b'day or something. And lets not forget about the showers and then the baby showers and then the christening parties.

When does it end? I love your site! I am engaged and 2 and half months pregnant. I don't have an engagement ring and we both feel like weddings are an unnecessary waste of time.

We are going to elope and focus on the rest of our lives together rather than spend tons and tons of money on just one day.

The only expense we might have is a small reception to spend time with family and friends. To all the bitter bridesmaids There seems to be a few too many of you out there..

Honestly, I truly regret having had a wedding. My family has special circumstances member with special needs that make it hard for them to travel, be where they need to be, etc.

I just said yes, naively thinking, I suppose, that maybe it would be fine. And the wedding did go off okay, but was it worth the hair pulling stress of negotiating for people to get there, discussing the guest list, still being thought of as a weirdo because I hate pictures we have mostly candids , etc.

IF any of my family or in laws see this, rest assured that I love you and I am grateful for the help. Message to brides to be who don't want weddings: All I want is to wear a pretty dress and have a party with my friends What I hate is when a previous friend, who hasn't been in touch for two years, sends me an invitation to their wedding.

Like, now I'm important when it comes to putting bums on seats and getting some cash for the honeymoon. But when I suggested meeting up for a drink, they're were nowhere to be found.

They can never pick up a phone. Everyone on this site is right - it is about the marriage not the "Princess for a Day". Can you imagine what great marriages we would have if everyone spent as much time planning their marriage as they did their wedding?

Did it Right wrote: My wife and I got married 4 years ago on a beach in Barbados with only us, the minister, and the photographer.

We hate big fancy "look at me and how much debt I can go into" weddings. When we returned we the a potluck bbq for friends and family to show up to if they wanted to.

We have 3 kids and she is a stay at home mom. Do people not understand what a budget is! Then there's the gift. So kicking out a grand isn't enough just to be "part of your special day"?

Oh yeah and its a formal wedding so everyone coming is supposed to dress formal. Sorry but not going to happen. I am not getting nice suits or tuxedos for myself and 3 kids just to sit in the audience.

Lets see, airline tickets, rental car, hotel for 4 nights, gas, food, copius amounts of alcohol to get me through this equals way too much money.

I showed up, that's gift enough. A in all all we wil have spent more money than we did on our own wedding and honeymoon just to be part of someone elses!

Why does this not make sense. How is it that society has taught so many people that the wedding is about this overpriced, nobody cares about how you look and how much money you spent stuff?

What happened to the real meaning, loving each other enough to want to spend the rest of your lives together? Good luck to all these bridezillas or the men that want it also cause there going to need it when they are 5 years down the road still fighting about the cost of the wedding and how they are going to pay it off.

I am a bridesmaid in three weddings this summer, MOH in 2. I am hosting a bachelorette party I can't afford, on my birthday weekend nonetheless.

I have bought 3 dresses and pairs of shoes I will never wear again. The best so far was the second wedding. The makeup artist poked me in the eye and gave me a corneal abrasion.

It hurt so bad I couldn't open my eyes for 20 mins. I came home and eventually went to the doctor because it hurt so bad, they ran many painful tests and I had to go on antibiotics.

My favorite comment on this site is the comment on how much money is spent. I simply don't have the money for this, and the brides don't get that.

I have spent SO much on travel alone that I am literally in a financial hardship. It goes without saying that the little discretionary income and paid leave I had this year went to friends weddings.

Ahhhh, I wish I was just a plain guest!!!! I have no desire to want to be with anyone let alone spend money on sometin that will just end in a divorce.

Just so she can have him for his money. And when we need that money for others things, like our car needs to be fixed, or for food, or for a nice christmas.

Weddings are fucking retarted, I hate them with every fibre of my being. I am especially unhappy today, since i get to accompany my girlfriend to a wedding of a couple I have never met.

I work all week and this is how i gotta spend my fucking saturday. I am so pissed off rite now i wanna punch the bride and groom in the fucking face.

My girlfriend and the bride were friends in 3rd grade, they have not even talked in about 2 years but yet it is super important that we go.

Stupid brides inviting people just for more attention. This is the 3rd wedding like this that she is dragging me to, but its also the last.

I am not doing this shit no more. I am gone by 9: Weddings are the biggest waste of money right behind an engagement ring.

Bitter Bride to be wrote: My soon to be husband is the one who wanted the wedding. I pictured getting married on a beach.

Now I hear everyone telling us what we should do. For something that was supposed to be simple I can't wait to put this behind me.

The only thing that matters is being with him. The stress getting there has almost caused me to walk away from that.

I randomly found you site and I hate wedding too. Weddings are just a very very expensive way of saying 'everyone look at me'!

Now don't get me wrong, I go to weddings and i am totally happy for the bride and groom and a little emotional cause it lovely that they love each other soooo much but I begrudge the amount of money which is spent on the wedding when that money could go towards a wonderful life for you both and your future family.

Am I the only one who feel this way? When we got engaged I wanted a small wedding, only 50 of our closest friends and family. Now we are having a somewhat big wedding.

My hair is falling off and I feel very lonely. I am sick of talking about the wedding, but most of all I am sick of being the only person who gives a damn about this wedding.

I am getting married in September and right now I feel like banging my damn head of off a freaking wall!!!

I am not into spending a fortune on this stupid BS! I finally can breath after canceling with an expensive wedding reception hall.

What a stupid idea, what was i thinking??? NO i haven't found an f'n dress and i hate dress shopping! I'm tired of staring at myself in the mirror trying on dresses and being obsessed about how I am going to look and worrying about the flab on my arms and so on!!

I realized this shit doesn't matter and i am not about to spend every waking moment of the next 8 months worrying about the next thing to plan or worrying about how many calories i have burned.

It's disgusting how much effort girls put into working out, getting rail thin just for a wedding! If I wasn't a happily married woman, I'd fall in love with you..

We had a small destination wedding, with only 13 people.. Brides think all that matters is their WEDDING DAY, they all spout out the it's the most important day of my life nonsense everytime someone doesn't show the required excitement over all the details of their day.

No, idiots, a much more important day will be the day your child is born or the day you are sick and your husband is beside you holding your hand or when you lose someone you love and he holds you as you cry all night.

Not what kind of damn flowers you have in your bouquet. Get over yourself and your stupid wedding. SOOO happy to have found this site!

I always enjoyed weddings growing up cuz i got some good eats and danced the hours away, but now that i'm grown and can grasp all the materialism and narcissism that comes with most weddings, it just DISGUSTS me!

I am getting married in August.. And this fucking wedding is drving me up the wall. We have six months until what i thought should have been the best day of my life, but i can't wait for to be over.

We are spending way too much money on this one day This day should be about my fiance and I, however my job is just to show up. I need some wine Thanks for letting me vent.

One Pissed off groom wrote: Thanks for letting vent. This site is highly amusing. I'm single but I do plan on getting married one day.

In my relationships I find out very early on if they are the type of girl who wants a big wedding. If they do then we may as well break up, because it is a huge personality indicator.

I've thought about the problems, the peer pressure of trying to have a small wedding. I've now realised the answer is simple. Get married abroad on an island somewhere or whatever your dream destination is, alone.

Then have a party for your family when you get back. As the party is not on the "big day" there is no pressure to conform to the traditional format.

I used to laugh at the people getting married in star trek or medieval costumes. Recently I've found a huge amount of respect for them.

Getting married in oct. I cant stand my wedding planning. An intimate wedding turned into guests. Our wedding party is at fkn 26 ppl which is ridiculous.

No one seems to care what i want i have to do this or that a certain way. Wh must i get married in a church and why the hell do i have to have a cocktail hour?

Ugh im starting to wish the soon to be and i eloped! I dread the day my daughter wants to have a big wedding. I don't want toplay the mother of the bride part and dress up in that ridiculous long dress, and I hate any shoes that don't have rubber soles!

High heels and dresses were invented to keep women subservient along with bras or marriage for that matter! The only ones who seem to enjoy themselves are usually buzzed or worse on alcohol.

I will not leave my real name because I don't want to be shunned by my family! They are no doubt they are meant for each other and I wish them nothing but a wonderful life together.

But they've been living together for 2 years as husband and wife! So now we have to have this big expensive wedding and have everyone fly thousands of miles so she can be the center of attention.

And what's with the white wedding dress? You two have been sleeping together for 2 years! You're obligating your family and friends to go thru this BS and you think nothing of it.

Get a GD clue! Nothing but a farce! The comments here are so true. Ladies, NO ONE cares about your Damned wedding and NO ONE wants to spend the time or the money to watch you have your day or have to rub elbows with the rest of your drunk friends and disfunctional family.

Big expensive weddings are asinine, and typically reflect a self-absorbed bride and groom who need to get a life. The best wedding I ever saw was my cousin's.

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